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Copper Cabling Solution


Copper Cabling Solution

Nowadays the application of high-resolution digital videos, medical imaging, digital animation, etc. are the trends.  These require high speed data storage also quality of service (QoS) inherent in 10 Gigabit Ethernet. A superb structured cabling system is crucial in order to deliver these bandwidth hungry applications.

InBERG’s copper cabling solution can accomplish nowadays viable solution for destinations with very high data traffic concentration like data center, server farms, MAN’s and backbones.

Product Specification

Cat6A UTP Cable LSZH

Cat6 UTP Cable LSZH

Cat6 UTP Cable PVC

Cat5E UTP Cable LSZH

Patch Panel
Patch Panel

InBERG’s Copper patch panels are available for Cat. 6, 6A and 5e categories.  Those are the most in-demand on the SCS market.  We offer the universal patch panel that apply into different applications.

Product Specification

Cat6A 1U 24Port Patch Panel

Cat6 24 / 48Port Patch Panel

Cat5E 1U 24Port Patch Panel

Keystone Jack

InBerg keystone jack offers exceptional performance, and suitable to be assembled with the InBERG unloaded patch panel and faceplate for the wall outlet.

Our Cat 6 keystone jacks are designed to support any data or voice protocol that are capable of running over a cabling system and backward compatible with the existing network infrastructure.

Product Specification

Cat6A UTP Keystone Jack

Cat6 UTP Keystone Jack

Cat5E Keystone Jack

Patch Cord

InBERG copper patch cord is designed for the high-end projects. Compare to normal U/UTP patch cable, our patch cord includes a PE cross member, each pair of cable retain the same stranding appearance and pitch as designed, this is to confirm that our cable can maintain the best performances in various application.

Product Specification

Cat6A S/FTP Patch Cord LSZH


Cat6 UTP Patch Cord PVC

Cat6 UTP Patch Cord LSZH

Cat5E UTP Patch Cord PVC


InBerg offers 1 position and 2 position faceplates. It is designed to accept RJ45 keystone modular jacks.  The dust cover is included that can prevent dust from entering into the jack in order to make sure the best performance achieved.

Product Specification


Cable Management Panel

InBERG cable management panels provide patch cords dressing during installation or changes and provide a well-organised arrangement for system maintenance. Panels are comprised of slots that easy for running patch cords, and suitable for fiber or copper patch cords.

Product Specification

Horizonal Cable management

Vertical Cable Manager

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