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Copper Cabling Solution

InBERG copper cabling solutions provide (CCS) end-to-end structured cabling solutions for data communication networks and high performance, high density cables for extreme environment applications. The solutions cover from cables, patch cords patch panels wall-mounted outlets, cable management panels and interface with equipment at data centres.


Our technical team is experienced in designing and executing our CCS to our customers based on stringent standards. We are a team of professional industrial players and well trained in our solutions, to provide guarantee performance in many years of operation. 


CCS is a range of quality products, we deliver our systems to customer through strong distribution channels.  We ensure speedy deployment to our clients from the factory to distributors to system integrators who are well-trained. We believe that by partnering up with our customers, we could create value together and achieve a very profitable synergy.

Fiber Cabling Solution

The management team has been involved in optical fiber development for more than 20 years, InBERG is a leading supplier of high-quality, cost-effective optical fiber cabling solutions (FCS)
The FCS are the zenith of InBERG’s experience and expertise in a variety of applications, including data center, hospitality, telecommunications and gaming industries etc.  
Our FCS covers the areas at outdoor backbones, vertical infrastructure, Fiber-to-the-room, fiber to the gaming tables, etc.   The fiber cables certified with international standards.  InBERG’s FCS is designed for easy installation and good cable management.


InBERG provides the best cable management solutions in data center. Cabinet is one of core products in our product portfolio. With the extremely high demand of cables in nowadays telecommunications and enterprise networks, InBERG developed an innovative solution, which helps the operations to manage the thousands of cables inside the structured cabling systems

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