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InBERG offers different standard of cabinets in the market.  Good cable management inside the cabinet for running both fiber and copper cables and facilities enough for cable running between cabinets.

Double-hinged Cabinet (DHC) offers the best cable management solution.  It allows massive of structured cabling in a lineup for the best daily operation.

Product Specification

Standard Cabinet

Double-hinged Cabinet

Power Distribution Unit

InBERG Power Distribution Units (PDUs) distribute reliable network power to multiple devices.

InBERG offers a PDU solution to meet a range of purposes. We offer the several product families: Basic, Metered, Monitored, Switched, Switched Metered-by-Outlet....etc.

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Product Specification

6-Way Rack-mount PDU, 13A

8-Way Rack-mount PDU, C13

12-Way PDU, 13A

16-Way PDU, C13+C19

16-Way PDU, 13A+C13

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