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Double-hinged Cabinet


Double-hinged Cabinet

InBERG provides the best cable management solutions in data center.Cabinet is one of core products in our product portfolio. With theextremely high demand of cables in nowadays telecommunicationsand enterprise networks, InBERG developed an innovative solution,which helps the operations to manage the thousands of cables insidethe structured cabling systems.

 The Double-hinged doorsand cable chambers allow the huge demand of copper and fiber patchcords to run thruogh the system in a good manner and enhance the flexibility during operation. The accessories inside this innovative solution help the system to performmore effectively.

  • Double-hinged doors design for flexible operation of patching systems

  • Better managed of cables and patch cords in a high density structured cabling system

  • Cable Chamber produces spaces for patch cords and in-coming cables

  • Cable Chamber is offered in 100mm and 200mm width

  • Flexible top plate design maximize the cable entries

  • Fingers guide the patch cords running along the cabinet

  • Single door and Double doors are available for different purpose

  • Doors can be switched between front and rear, left and right

  • 85% ventilation rate of perforated doors with hexagonal holes

Ordering Information

Double-hinged Cabinet included front and rear doors.


  • A= cabinet width 600mm = 600, 800mm= 800)

  • B=depth (800mm=800, 1200mm = 1200)

  • U = height (42ru = 42, 45ru = 45, or other height)

  • X= door types (S = singled door, K= double door)

Cable Chamber(lock at bottom)

    PART NO. : ​CC-E-B-U

  • E=chamber width (100mm= 100, 200mm= 200)

  • B=depth (800mm= 800, 1200mm = 1200)

  • U = height (42ru = 42, 45ru = 45, or other height)​

Side Panel (included left and right)

    PART NO. : ​SP-B-U

  • B=depth (800mm=800, 1200mm= 1200)

  • U = height (42ru = 42, 45ru = 45, or other height)

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