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Standard Cabinet


Standard Cabinet
  • Doors can be switched between front and back, left and right.

  • Vertical mounting rails with adjustable depths, compatible with any IT equipment.

  • Top panels can be installed without any tools. 

  • Flexible base design to maximize the cable entry.

  • Optional sealed floor, tool-less installation.

  • Standard load-bearing casters, can be moved freely.

  • Quickly adjustable by screwdrivers and wrenches.

  • Available for all the cabinets with EIA-310 standard.Qualified by  CE.

  • Frame: 1.5mm cold rolled steel

  • Mounting rails: 2.0mm cold rolled steel.

  • Side panels:1.2mm cold rolled steel.

  • Front doors: 1.5mm cold rolled steel

  • Top panel: 1.2mm cold rolled steel.

Design Features
  • Modular design with welded frames.

  • Light weight with solid structure and flexible configuration

  • Interchangeable front door and rear door with over 130 turning degree ​​

Cable Management Solution For Optical Fiber
  • With the high demand of optical fibers nowadays, a good cable management system is needed in order to manage excess length of optical fibers and bending radius protection.

  • With the width of 800mm, there are the following features:


Finger guide

​A set yellow finger guide mounted along the cabinet, it provides the features of bending radius protection. . 

Storage pool

A set of storage pools located at the left of the cabinet, it provides the facility to store the excess fiber patch cords. 

Cable trough

Cable trough is located at the bottom of the cabinet. It is a runway that allows fiber patch cords running from left to right or right to left. 

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