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InBERG offers different types of fiber cables to the market.   The Indoor Fiber Optic Cables are used exclusively within buildings and must have a flame-retardant jacket to fit the purpose.  Single-mode and Multi-mode are available for different application


We also offer Outdoor Fiber Optic Cables, which are engineered to withstand the more demanding conditions from environmental extremes to mechanical forces.

Product Specification

Single-mode Outdoor Fiber Cable

Single-mode Indoor Fiber Cable

Multi-mode Indoor/Outdoor Fiber Cable

Fiber Distribution Panel

InBERG offers different types of Fiber Distribution Panel and Wall-mount Terminal Box, which contains flexible cabling access, expandable frame design and comprehensive cable management. 12 cores, 24 cores, 48 cores, etc.  


Besides the traditional fiber patch panel, we also offer telecommunication grade fiber panel that with comprehensive cable management.  And our own-designed sliding adaptors are the key design of the panels.

Product Specification

1U Drawer Type Fiber Panel

Swing-out Fiber Distribution Module

8 Core Fiber Optical Wall-mount Terminal Box

12 / 24 Core Fiber Optical Wall-mount Terminal Box

Fiber Cable Assembly

Besides the traditional dimension of 2mm and 3mm dia. patch cord, InBERG offers 1.6mm dia. patch cord that can help to minimize the cable management problem.  It can apply to all types of adaptors, such as LC, FC, SC etc, and available in SM, MM, OM3 and OM4.  With the high demand of optical fiber for high speed transmission network, the requirment of fiber patch cords is getting high too.  In order to minimize the cabling problem, InBERG offers different of solutions in order to fit the market demands.

Product Specification


Patch cord

Fiber Raceway

InBERG developed our Fiber Raceway which manages massive fiber patch cords and multi-fiber cables.  Our Fiber Raceway consists of various components, they are in the size of 100mm x 120mm and 100mm x 240mm. 


The eye-catching color and non-toxic material meet the technical standards in the data centers and telecom exchanges.

New components are developed, which allow integration with other manufacturers' products

Product Specification

Fiber Raceway


In FTTx topoloy, Optical Splitter is an major componet, the quality of the splitter is important to the network.  if the optical loss is not consistent, it will affect the engineering design of the networks.  InBERG offers differnet splitting ratio of splitters, 1:2, 1:4, 1:8, 1:16, 1:32 etc.  And different format of splitters as well, such as PLC tye, fused type and Modular type etc.

Product Specification



PLC Splitter

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