In nowadays world, different business natures require high-speed data in order to provide services to their customer or for their internal operation.  Certainly, a comprehensive infrastructure helps to maintain the basic connections of the cabling system, in order to obtain a stable and reliable network.   


For an enterprises, like Hotel, Factory, Banking or even universities, they own they cabling infrastructure, with a good design and quality of the cabling system, good revenue can generate indirectly and also can save the operational expenses too.


Our Product Highlights:

InBERG offers both optical and copper solutions for the structured cabling system.  Our products include FTTx that can offer the total solutions of the optical fiber infrastructure to the hotel guest rooms.    The advantages are certainly can reduce the cost of the ELV rooms and cabling trunk size, in order to reduce the electricity costs induced by air-conditioner and lighting.   In the meantime, it will reduce the installation time and cost while construction stage.

Our copper solutions also can provide end-to-end solution, from the panels, cable, patch cords and faceplate.  And 25 years warranty can be guaranteed after a PASS test & Commissioning report.


Casino nowadays is more of a tourist attraction and indoor amusement zone. Besides the gambling, it offers services like hotels, restaurants, concert theatre, shopping malls.  Obviously, the majority of the revenue comes from gambling. Casinos are concentrated in some particular countries because gambling is illegal in several areas of the world. However, getting more and more countries are changing their regulations in order to support the growth of casinos because they are becoming very popular and are contributing significantly revenue to the countries and contribute a form of tax.


Our Product highlights:

InBERG has been participating a few key casino projects in the last 3 years.  Our experience included offering products that having flexibility of providing data ports for the use of CCTV at gaming hall, which allow the CCTV to change position easily as referred to the arrangement of different gaming tables.

As high the speed data transmission is required, it is getting common to have optical fiber switch to locate on the gaming table.  InBERG offers Under-floor Optical Distribution panels for high speed optical fiber termination between ELV room and Optical switch at gaming tables.

Data Center

Although the fact that hardware is constantly getting smaller, faster and more powerful, we are always in data-hungry situation, and the needs of processing power, storage space and information in general is growing and constantly threatening to outstrip companies' abilities to deliver.

Any entity that generates or uses data has the need for data centres on different level, including government, universities, telecom operators, banking, retailing stores of different natures, etc, and social networking between people.   Without a fast and reliable network that is unable to provide suitable services, and will result in losing customer and money.


Our Product highlights:

InBERG offers different products that fit the needs of data centres.  Our Fiber Cable Solutions, which provides the best cable management to the infrastructure, that maintain the quality of the backbone.  

Our Double-hinged Cabinet offers the best patching arrangement to the technician that allow optical fiber or copper patching are in the best manner.


Besides the phone services, the most revenue-generated business in telecom operators are data services.  The development of the high-speed is kept on  improving every year, and the demand of higher speed is continuous.  So, a service provider, it must have the best reliable infrastructure in order to make sure the services are NOT being interrupted.

Again as the demand of higher speed is continuous, the equipment will need to upgrade every 3 to 4 years, and some of them will even be faded out too.  However, in terms of physical layer, the backbone, such as optical fiber or copper, it will almost never been replaced once the network built.   And the telecom operations are providing the best reliable services to different entities, so the quality of the infrastructure is not allowed to be damaged easily.  In the telecom exchange, there are huge amount of cables as a physical connection for the data services, it is NOT easy to manage those cable in a good manner.


Our Product Highlights:

InBERG developed products that can help good cable management that prevent service being interrupted due to mishandling of cables.  The features of sliding adaptors applied at different type of products that help easy access.  And the bending radius protection feature at the product also help preventing fibers broken.

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